Donna Maya: People Mover Remixed

Release date: 27. August 2021

Artist: Donna Maya
Album titel: People Mover Remixed
Genre: Electronica, Techno, Experimental, Dub, EDM

Catalog no.: SOUNDSISTER02
Formt: digital download
Album artwork: Donna Maya
Mastering: Robert Hundt, Anti-Logic Mastering Berlin

Distribution: wordandsound (WAS)
EAN /UPC: 4251804118200


Remixerinnen: Acid Maria, Caro C, c00lm8, CURL GURL, Gavanna, Gudrun Gut, KALEISS, Lena Renz, Mila Chiral, Monibi, Sonae
Original track: People Mover, erschienen auf dem Album Donna Maya: Lost Spaces → Detroit, Sound Sister Records, Berlin, 2020

The Detroit People Mover is an elevated train that operates on a single track encircling Downtown Detroit. It is winding through glass palaces and ruins, crossing empty spaces before hiding inside commercial buildings where the train station are located in. The train ride provides many perspectives where the city might develop in the future.

The original track „People Mover“ from Donna Mayas album Lost Spaces → Detroit questioned how we value culture in a time during and after crisis. Detroit city stands as a symbol for that. Donna Mayas track got remixed by 11 illustrious female producers: Acid Maria, C00lm8, Caro C, CURL GURL, Gavanna, Gudrun Gut, KALEISS, Lena Renz, Mila Chiral, Monibi and Sonae. The result is a wide variety of remixes, from techno to samba beats, from electronic dancehall to voodoo drums.

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